The benefits of the compliance tracker are “Boost Compliance Confidence” and “Peace of Mind”.  You will never miss any legal obligation mapped with responsible users and monitor performance from anywhere at any time. The interactive dashboard, auto-generated alerts, and reports show the real-time status of compliance.

Identified Obligation

Team of AKSHAR Management Consultant helps for initial setup with identification of all applicable EHS obligations and mapping with responsible user along with customized notification.

Never Miss Compliance

Each active compliance mapped used is tracked by the application. The performer is notified before due date of compliance and escalation notice is also sent if outstanding.

Track Compliance Status

Compliance Tracker lets you know how many compliances are due in specific duration along with outstanding, late complied, on-time complied and upcoming due compliance. 

Individual Monitoring

Performance of mapped users can be monitored by reporting authority. You can also find who is best performer from department, best performer of site based on on-time compliance.

Improve Record Keeping

Each compliance is marked closed in the system if relevant evidences are uploaded by the performer. Record keeping is improved as evidences are maintained electronically with unlimited storage.

Easy Retrievable

Compliance evidences are uploaded by performer on the system at the time of closing of compliance. Hence evidence documents are easily retrievable from the system any time.

Enhance Knowledge

Compliance Tracker starts notification to performer and reviewer to close the compliance. Responsible personnel get knowledge enhancement of applicability of legal obligation.

Protect From Penalties

Compliance Tracker starts providing notification before due date of compliance so that actions can be initiated on-time in order avoid penalties due of late compliance or imprisonment.

Build Confidence

Applicable EHS compliance are identified and added in the system to keep track on status of closer on-time. The system helps to build confidence of people about compliance on-time.

Paperless Transaction

Evidences are electronically maintained, easy retrievable at any time from any where. One of the  benefits of compliance tracker is paperless system that helps to reduce paper consumption and thus protecting environment.