PTW Software


Benefits of PTW Application are many includes reducing of common permit errors, eliminating isolation violation, better job planning for shut down, cloning the permit from past history, instant communication via WhatsApp. One of the benefits of PTW application is that it helps you do analysis for improvement.


Reduces Permit Errors

The permit to work application easily identifies hazards, PPEs requirements, and checkpoints for approval. Thus certain errors can be reduced.

No Isolation Violations

An electric supply restoration request is not possible until the safety permit is unlinked and closed. Hence, isolation breaches can be avoided.

Better Job Planning

The safety permits can be generated in advance (for a future date) for shut-down activities to improve job planning and you can edit them any time to release.

Time Saving

Time can be saved in the process of reviewing, and approving the permit. You can regenerate any permit from past history with a click via the clone option.

Access From Any Where

You can access all permit data from any device (desktop, laptop, tab or mobile) and any location in the world using permit to work application.

Never Loss Permit

User can not delete any permit. The permits are saved on permit to work application server and hence there is no chance of loss of permit.

Easy Retrievable

Any permit can be retrieved easily via the search and filter option during the audit. You don’t need to take a print for future reference to comply.

Paperless Transaction

You can share the permit via email & WhatsApp. The entire process of reviewing & approving is digital, thus save the paper, the environment.