Safety Permit To Work (PTW) Software


Within the realm of operations, PTW Software emerges as a pivotal solution, offering a multitude of advantages. It acts as a safeguard against human errors, ensuring precise product approvals in line with specifications. With PTW Software, the instant communication of test results becomes seamless, fostering efficiency across processes. Moreover, its functionality extends to facilitating report sharing via WhatsApp, alongside providing quick search capabilities for desired outcomes. Real-time tracking of supplier, production, and delivery performance further underscores its utility. Through its comprehensive data analysis capabilities, PTW Software empowers organizations to make informed decisions and optimize performance effortlessly.


Reduces Permit Errors

The application effortlessly identifies safety control measures, PPE requirements, and approval checkpoints, thereby reducing potential errors.

No Isolation Violations

Electric supply restoration requests cannot be processed until the safety permit is unlinked and closed, thereby preventing isolation breaches.

Better Job Planning

Safety permits can be generated in advance for future dates, enhancing job planning for shut-down activities, and can be edited at any time for release.

Time Saving

Time can be saved in the review and approval process of permit & any permit from past history can be regenerated with a single click using the clone option.

Access From Any Where

The permit to work application enables access to all permit data from any device and location worldwide.

Never Loss Permit

Users cannot delete any permits as they are securely saved on the PTW application server, ensuring no risk of permit loss.

Easy Retrievable

Permits can be easily retrieved during audits using the search and filter option, eliminating the need for printing for future.

Paperless Transaction

Permits can be shared digitally via email and WhatsApp, saving paper and benefiting the environment.

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