Laboratory Quality Assurance Software


Lab software presents a myriad of benefits, addressing critical needs within laboratory operations. It serves as a bulwark against human errors, ensuring precision in product approvals by aligning with specifications. With lab software, the instantaneous communication of test results becomes seamless, enhancing workflow efficiency. Furthermore, lab software facilitates effortless sharing of reports via WhatsApp, streamlining collaboration and knowledge dissemination. Its quick search functionality empowers users to swiftly locate desired results, bolstering productivity. Real-time tracking of supplier, production, and delivery performance is seamlessly integrated into lab software, providing crucial insights for decision-making. Additionally, lab software offers comprehensive data analysis capabilities, enabling organizations to derive actionable insights and drive continuous improvement.


Reduces Human Errors

Key benefits of laboratory QC software include the eradication of human error and the prevention of incorrect product approvals against alternative specifications.

Easy Retrievable

You can easily access any quality result from past records using the search and filter options. Moreover, retrieving test reports during audits is simplified with just a few clicks.

Paperless Transaction

The process of generating a test request, and approving and sharing reports is digital. This paperless approach contributes to environmental conservation.

Improve Record Keeping

Calibration reports of any specific duration either internal or external can be saved/ uploaded against due requirements mapped with the user.

Real-time Performance

Supplier performance, production performance and delivery performance data can be monitored as real-time data for any specific duration using lab QC software.

Never Miss Calibration

The lab management software sends three alerts for calibration due to responsible users, ensuring timely action and escalating alerts to prevent any missed calibrations.

E-report of Quality

An e-report of the quality test is instantly generated upon saving and releasing the results to users.

Customized Quality Control Plans

QC plans for raw materials to finished products can be customized based on sampling criteria and specifications..

Share Via WhatsApp

Quality report files in PDF format can be instantly shared internally and externally via WhatsApp with users.

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