Compliance Management Software


Features of the compliance tracker software are unique and unrestricted. You can monitor the compliance status of any site & add unlimited users with lifetime usage. Provision of auto daily backup reduces your team efforts. Features are fully customized and user-friendly that you don’t need “expertized” to manage the application functioning.

Customize Compliances

The application can be customized for any environmental law, safety rules, HR regulations, industrial protocols, and finance & account obligations etc.

Any Law - Any Country

The application works for any law from any part of the world including legal obligations, other requirements, company’s own charter requirements.

Set Alert Frequency

Three times alert notifications are generated as per customized duration prior to the due date and sent to the responsible users via email.

Escalation Alert

The system sends auto-generated escalation notices to the user as per hierarchy if the compliance is not closed by the responsible user in the due time.

Customized Notification

Auto-generated email notification is sent to the respective user as confirmation upon each action taken and the activities log is maintained.

Upload Any File

Compliance evidence file can be uploaded in any format including word, excel, PDF, image etc. There is no restriction w.r.t. size of file and type of file.

Export Data

Compliance management software data (any size) along with the status can be exported easily with a click into an excel sheet, PDF file, and print.

Data Analysis

Compliance performance data are indicated in tables and interactive charts for easy interpretation to identify improvement opportunities.

Interactive Dashboard

A dashboard indicates valuable data & information on compliance in a table and chart of the current month.

Search & Filter Options

Compliance status along with evidence can be found out via search & various filter options for a specific duration.

User Friendly

Compliance management software is simple and user-friendly. New user can get familiar with the application in a few hours.

Mobile Access

The user can access compliance data, status & evidence through compliance management software mobile application.

Unlimited Users

There is no restriction with respect number of users. You can add an unlimited number of users because license fees is not applicable per user.

User Access Control

Admin can control the users to access the data and information. The user can access compliance data which are mapped with the user.

Daily Auto Backup

The system takes backups of data on daily basis automatically. Backup data can be restored manually whenever required by admin.

Info Security

Security options are added including captcha login, disabling the user with 3 wrong attempts, forcing the user to change the password periodically etc. 

Individual Performance

Data of individual responsible performance can be monitored on a regular basis w.r.t. compliance action ontime or late or still pending.


Compliance reports for management information can be generated auto on the last day of the month and also manually for any specific duration.


A knowledge library can be created and made accessible to users for reference purposes. The user can download the file allowed to access.


The users can contact the admin person via ticket and raise any issue or request for change. The admin will get an instant email notification for the ticket generated.

Features of the compliance tracker are unfolded. You will never miss any legal compliance as the system keeps alerting you.