PTW Software


Features of permit to work software include easy management of permits. You can generate & issue the permit easy and clone the permit from past history. The content, checklist, control measures can be customized as per existing requirements. You can send the permit via email, text message (SMS) & WhatsApp as well. The PTW application is very simple to use and user-friendly.


Permit Configuration

The existing format of safety permits can be configured easily with respect to content, process flow, checklist etc.

Any Permit

You can configure any permit including hot work, height work, confined space, hazardous chemical, LOTO permit etc.

Share Via Email

Permit file in PDF can be shared via email with the users instantly. You can share externally as well.

Share Via WhatsApp

Permit file in PDF internally & externally can be shared via WhatsApp with the users instantly.

Multi-Language Permit

The permit can be set in two languages (English + Other). The entire permit can be set and printed in two different languages.

Review Digitally

All reviews and approvals are indicated with name, date & time stamp and a hence printed permit is not required to carry.

Generate in Advance

You can generate any permit with a future date in advance to save time. e.g. shutdown job permits

Emergency Suspension

In case of any emergency, all safety permits can be cancelled with a click instead of closing one by one.

Clone Permits

You can clone permit from past permit. Regenerating the permit from past history is very simple and quick.

Unlimited E-Permit

The unlimited permits can be generated and can be shared electronically (PDF file) by using e-ptw software.

Export Data

Permit data along with the status of any size can be exported easily with a click into an excel sheet, PDF file, and print.

Data Analysis

Permit data can be analysed as per the type of permit, area-wise & duration of the permit and many other criteria.

Interactive Dashboard

A dashboard indicates area-wise permits along with status in a table and chart of the current date.

Search + Filter Option

Any permit along with status can be found out via search & various filter options of a specific duration.

User Friendly

E-PTW software is simple and user-friendly so that a new user can get familiar with the application in a few hours.

Mobile Access

The user can access e-ptw software with a smart phone application to generate, review & approve the permit.

Unlimited Users

There is no restriction with respect number of users. You can add an unlimited number of users because license fees is not applicable per user.

User Access Control

Admin can control the users to access the data and information. The user can access permit data/ information that are mapped with the user.

Daily Auto Backup

The system takes backups of data on daily basis automatically. Backup data can be restored manually whenever required by admin.

Info Security

Security options are added including captcha login, disabling the user with 3 wrong attempts, forcing the user to change the password periodically etc. 

Individual Performance

Data of individual performance can be monitored on a regular basis w.r.t. permit not closed, permit cancelled due to deviation.


The users can contact the admin person via ticket and raise any issue or request for change. The admin will get an instant email notification for the ticket generated.