Laboratory Quality Assurance Software


In the Quality Assurance Software features, a robust suite offers extensive customization options for quality control plans covering raw materials, packing materials, in-process, and finished products, alongside dispatch verification and calibration planning.

Moreover, the versatile QA software allows customization of sampling and acceptance criteria, as well as various testing/inspection methods. Notably, the laboratory Quality Assurance software stands out by enabling instant report sharing via email and WhatsApp, alongside manual or automated test request generation. Additionally, it facilitates seamless data management with support for data extraction into Excel sheets and sophisticated dashboard analysis capabilities. In essence, this comprehensive software serves as an indispensable tool for comprehensive quality management, offering a multifaceted solution tailored to diverse needs.


Set Calibration Frequency

During equipment mapping, users can customize calibration alert durations for each, ensuring tailored notifications.

Escalate Alert

Users receive escalation alert notifications if calibrations are not marked as closed within the designated time.

Auto Test Request

For a continuous production process, the test requests can be generated automatically at a set frequency.

Customized Notification

Auto-generated email notification is sent to the respective user as confirmation upon test request or report is generated.

Reference Documents

Users can upload files such as operating manuals, MSDS, test methods, and inspection procedures for easy access.

Export Data

Data of test requests along with results can be exported easily with a click into an excel sheet, PDF file, and print.

Data Analysis

Data analysis encompasses supplier performance, on-time delivery, and production performance, among others.

Supplier Performance

Real-time data on supplier performance, including quality and delivery metrics, is readily available for any specified duration.


E-Report of Quality

Upon saving results, the e-report of the quality test is instantly generated, providing immediate access for users.

Share Via Email

Users can swiftly share high-quality PDF report files via email and externally for seamless collaboration.

Share Via WhatsApp

Swiftly and effortlessly share high-quality PDF report files via WhatsApp, internally and externally, for users to access instantly.

Interactive Dashboard

The dashboard presents test request numbers and result in statuses visually, enhancing data comprehension.

Search + Filter Option

Effortlessly explore outcomes from raw materials to final products using search and filter options. Enhance information retrieval efficiency within a specified timeframe.

User Friendly

The application’s intuitive design and user-friendly interface allow new users to quickly grasp its features, facilitating seamless onboarding within hours.

Knowledge/ Library

The application’s intuitive design and user-friendly interface promote rapid user familiarity, bolstered by its simplicity and straightforward features.


Users can effortlessly contact the admin person through a ticket system, facilitating the raising of issues or submitting change requests with efficiency.


Unlimited Users

There are no restrictions on the number of users, and you can add an unlimited number without incurring additional license fees.

User Access Control

Administrators have the power to manage user access to data. Users can then retrieve results and calibration data mapped to their profiles.

Daily Auto Backup

System automatically conducts daily backups of data. Additionally, administrators have the flexibility to restore backup data manually, if required.

Info Security

Several security options have been implemented, such as captcha login, the capability to disable a user after three unsuccessful attempts.

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