Laboratory Quality Assurance Software


QA Software is a cloud-based laboratory information management software (LIMS). You can generate test requests, prepare analysis reports/ inspection reports and share certificates of analysis/ test certificates efficiently. You can customize the quality control from raw materials to finished products easily and effectively. LIMS software helps to reduce human errors and maintain records without the worry of losing them forever. You can share reports via email, WhatsApp, and print. Realtime data analysis for supplier quality performance, and performance of the quality team. You can map raw materials, packing materials, in-process products, and finished products and dispatch verification.

Quality control software is used for various reasons in manufacturing and other industries to ensure the quality and consistency of products and processes. Here are some key reasons why quality control software is essential:

Automation: Quality control software automates many aspects of the quality control process, reducing the need for manual inspections and data entry. This can save time and reduce the potential for human error.

Consistency: By using software, you can establish standardized processes and criteria for quality control. This ensures that inspections and measurements are consistently performed according to predefined standards.

Data Management: Quality control software helps in collecting, storing, and analyzing data related to product quality. This data can be used to track trends, identify issues, and make informed decisions for process improvement.

Real-time Monitoring: Quality control software often allows for real-time monitoring of production processes, enabling immediate identification and response to quality issues. This can help prevent defects and non-conformities from reaching customers.

Traceability: Quality control software can provide traceability for products and components. This is essential in industries such as food and pharmaceuticals, where it’s necessary to track the source and journey of each product.

Cost Reduction: Identifying and addressing quality issues early in the production process can reduce the cost of rework, scrap, and warranty claims. Quality control software can help minimize these costs.

Enhanced Communication: Quality control software often includes reporting and communication tools, allowing for efficient sharing of quality data within an organization and with external stakeholders.

Process Improvement: By analyzing quality data over time, organizations can identify areas for process improvement and implement changes to increase efficiency and product quality.

Customer Satisfaction: Consistently delivering high-quality products can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, leading to increased sales and a positive brand reputation.

Competitive Advantage: Companies that invest in quality control software can gain a competitive advantage by consistently producing high-quality products and reducing the risk of quality-related setbacks.


Quality control for raw materials, packing materials, in-process products, and finished products can be customized easily. The e-report of analysis can be easily retrieved and shared with externals with a click. Colour codes indicate the conclusion of the final status of the result w.r.t. approved or reject or accepted under deviation.

Raw Materials

Raw materials quality plans can be customized for various grades of materials with sources of suppliers.

Packing Materials

Quality plans for packing materials can be configured with specific test methods & a number of testings.

In-process Products

In-process product control plan can be set to generate auto-test requests for a continuous production process.

Finished Products

Quality control plans for the finished products can be easily mapped with customer-specific requirements.

Dispatch | Delivery

Dispatch verification can be carried out as per customer-specific sampling plans and test methods using QC tracking software.


Calibration requirements can be managed easily without missing because you get 3 alerts before the calibration due date.

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Set Calibration Frequency

During equipment mapping, users can customize calibration alert durations for each, ensuring tailored notifications.

Escalate Alert

Users receive escalation notifications if calibrations are not marked as closed within the designated time.

Auto-Manual Request

For a continuous production process, the test requests can be generated automatically at a set frequency.

Customized Notification

Auto-generated email notification is sent to the respective user as confirmation upon test request or report is generated.

Reference Documents

Users can upload files such as operating manuals, MSDS, test methods, and inspection procedures for easy access.

Export Data

Data of test requests along with results can be exported easily with a click into an excel sheet, PDF file, and print.

Data Analysis

Data analysis encompasses supplier performance, on-time delivery, and production performance, among others.

Supplier Performance

Real-time data on supplier performance, including quality and delivery is readily available for any specified duration.

E-Report of Quality

Upon saving results, the e-report of the quality test is instantly generated, providing immediate access for users.

Share Via Email

Users can swiftly share high-quality PDF report files via email and externally for seamless collaboration.

Share Via WhatsApp

Swiftly and effortlessly share high-quality PDF report files via WhatsApp, internally and externally, for user access.

Interactive Dashboard

The dashboard presents test request numbers and result in statuses visually, enhancing data comprehension.

Search + Filter Option

Effortlessly explore outcomes from raw materials to final products using search and filter options. Enhance information retrieval efficiency.

User Friendly

The application’s intuitive design and user-friendly interface allow new users to quickly grasp its features, facilitating seamless onboarding within hours.

Knowledge/ Library

The application’s intuitive design and user-friendly interface promote rapid user familiarity, bolstered by its simplicity and straightforward features.


Users can effortlessly contact the admin person through a ticket system, facilitating the raising of issues or submitting change requests.

Unlimited Users

There is no restriction with respect number of users. You can add an unlimited number of users because license fees is not applicable per user.

User Access Control

Administrators have the power to manage user access to data. Users can then retrieve results and calibration data mapped to their profiles.

Daily Auto Backup

System automatically conducts daily backups of data. administrators have the flexibility to restore backup data manually, if required.

Info Security

Several security options have been implemented, such as captcha login, the capability to disable a user after three unsuccessful attempts.

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Reduces Human Errors

Key benefits of laboratory QC software include the eradication of human error and the prevention of incorrect product approvals against alternative specifications.

Easy Retrievable

You can easily access any quality result from past records using the search and filter options. Moreover, retrieving test reports during audits is simplified with just a few clicks.

Paperless Transaction

Generating a test request, approving, and sharing reports is an entirely digital Process. In this Software, This paperless approach contributes to environmental conservation.

Improve Record Keeping

Calibration reports of any specific duration either internal or external can be saved/ uploaded against due requirements mapped with the user.

Real-time Performance

Supplier performance, production performance and delivery performance data can be monitored as real-time data for any specific duration using lab QC software.

Never Miss Calibration

The lab management software sends three alerts for calibration due to responsible users, ensuring timely escalating alerts to prevent any missed calibrations.

E-report of Quality

E-report of the quality test is generated instantly when the results are saved and released to the users.

Customized Quality Control Plans

QC plans for raw materials to finished products can be customized based on sampling specifications.

Share Via WhatsApp

Quality report files in PDF format can be instantly shared internally and externally via WhatsApp with users.

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Application Setup

The entire application configuration is carried out by our team in the scheduled timeline to make the application live.

Customized QC

Quality control plans for raw & packing materials, in-process & finished products are customized to clients’ requirements.

Calibration Configuration

Calibration configuration includes alert duration setup and mapping with the user responsible for calibration.

User Mapping

All users are mapped as per their authorities to generate test requests, report reviews and approve.

Training to Users

Classroom training is provided to the users to make them familiar with the user-friendly application.

User Manual

A user manual is also provided to the clients describes about how to do at front end and back end (admin panel).

MSDS Library

Access to MSDS library for certain common chemicals is made available in addition to Support for Quality Suite.

Video Tutorial

Video tutorials of front end and back end (admin) are provided in addition to the user manual for quick guide.

Demo Setup

A demo setup is also rolled out along with live application for the new users to get familiar with the application.

Trouble Shooting

Support is provided to make the application works well. You can initiate a request for support via the ticket option.

Mobile Access

You can also access quality tracking software data or report through mobile applications (APK or IOS) from anywhere.

Post Live Support

The post-live support is always online and you can contact our team via a ticket option easily.

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