Legal Compliance Tracking Software


QHSEalert is dedicated to supporting the functionality of the Compliance Tracker Software to ensure its proper operation and your adherence to relevant legal obligations. Our committed team endeavors to keep you informed about legal aspects. Any reported bugs or errors are promptly addressed by our development team, and our support team offers online guidance on using the Compliance Tracker Software.

Application Setup

The entire application configuration is carried out by our team in the scheduled timeline to make the application live.

Applicable Obligations

Our team extends support to identify applicable legal obligations pertaining to environment, health & safety laws.

Users Mapping

Each and every legal obligation is mapped with the responsible users along with the frequency of alerts notification.

Training to Users

Classroom training is provided to the users to make them familiar with the user-friendly Application.

User Manual

A user manual is also provided to the clients describes about how to do at front end and back end (admin panel).

Video Tutorial

Video tutorials of front end and back end (admin) are provided in addition to the user manual for quick guide.

Demo Setup

A demo setup is also rolled out along with live application for the new users to get familiar with the application.

Trouble Shooting

Support is provided to make the application works well. You can initiate a request for support via the ticket option.

Law Library

A library is maintained and access is provided to the users to pickup the latest applicable EHS laws along with updates.

Post Live Support

The post live support is always online and you can contact our team via a ticket option easily.

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Our team is dedicated to providing support for compliance tracker as a result our clients are worldwide using the application in order to ensure compliance always on time.