Support from QHSEalert includes initial application setup, training for the users, customization of the requirements, and demo configuration. The support is not limited but to ensure the software is effectively used.

Application Setup

The entire application configuration is carried out by our team in the scheduled timeline to make the application live.

User Mapping

All users are mapped as per their authorities as per responsibilities assigned to configure the application.

Training For Users

Classroom/ online training is provided to the users to make them familiar with the user-friendly application.

User Manual

A user manual is also provided to the clients describes how to do at the front end and back end (admin panel).

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials of front end and back end (admin) are provided in addition to the user manual for a quick guide.

Demo Application

A demo setup is also rolled out along with a live application for the new users to get familiar with the application.


The solution in the form of a FAQ is also provided for the user in a sorted manner for quick reference.


Safety permit & quality suite can be customized as per the client’s requirements and process flow.

Mobile App

Android and iOS applications are also provided to access the data from the applications.

Post-Live Support

The post-live is also included as support for qhsealert. It is always online, and you can contact our team via a ticket option easily.

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Download User Manual