Support from QHSEALERT is committed to ensure that the application works correctly and you comply with applicable legal obligations. Our dedicated team works to keep you up-to-date on legal aspects. Our development team eliminates any bug or error reported and the support team provides online guidance on application usage.

Application Setup

The application will be installed either on your domain or our domain space. The initial setup will be executed by our team to make the application works.

Identify Applicable Obligations

Our team will extend support to identify applicable laws and obligations under each about environment, health & safety and enable them in the system.

Training to Users

Users according to their role to play will be provided classroom and practical training at your facility for effective implementation of compliance tracker.

Users Mapping

You can create unlimited users and these users will be mapped with defined roles and their access rights will be established.

Trouble Shooting

If the application is enabled on your domain, we will continue to provide support for one year for troubleshooting either onsite without any additional cost.

Video Tutorial

Unlimited access to video tutorials to all users will be provided for a better understanding on the application functions & features.