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Legal compliance software is significant to use for several reasons, as it helps organizations ensure that they adhere to the complex and constantly evolving web of laws, regulations, and industry standards that govern their operations. Here are some key reasons why legal compliance software is important:

Regulatory Complexity: Laws and regulations vary by jurisdiction, industry, and are often subject to frequent changes. Legal compliance software can help organizations keep track of these changes and ensure they are always up-to-date with the latest requirements.

Risk Mitigation: Non-compliance with laws and regulations can result in costly fines, legal disputes, and damage to an organization’s reputation. Compliance software helps identify and mitigate compliance risks, reducing the likelihood of costly legal consequences.

Efficiency: Managing compliance manually can be time-consuming and error-prone. Compliance software automates many compliance-related tasks, streamlining processes, and reducing the administrative burden on compliance teams.

Data Management: Compliance often involves handling sensitive and confidential data. Compliance software provides secure data storage and management, ensuring that sensitive information is protected and only accessible to authorized personnel.

Audit Trail: Compliance software typically maintains detailed audit trails, documenting compliance activities and actions taken to address non-compliance issues. This documentation can be invaluable in case of audits or legal inquiries.

Reporting: Many compliance software solutions offer reporting and analytics features that allow organizations to generate compliance reports, track performance, and demonstrate their commitment to compliance to regulatory authorities and stakeholders.

Standardization: Compliance software helps standardize compliance processes across an organization, ensuring that all departments and teams follow the same compliance protocols and reducing the risk of inconsistency or oversight.

Scalability: As organizations grow and expand into new markets, their compliance requirements become more complex. Compliance software can scale with the organization, adapting to changing needs and regulations.

Competitive Advantage: Demonstrating a commitment to compliance can be a competitive advantage. It can attract customers, partners, and investors who value ethical and compliant business practices.

Global Operations: For organizations with a global presence, compliance software can help them navigate the complexities of international regulations, trade laws, and cultural differences in compliance expectations.


Customize Compliances

Compliance software can be customized for any environmental law, safety rules, HR regulations, industrial protocols, and finance & account obligations etc.

Any Law - Any Country

Compliance software works for any law from any part of the world including legal obligations, other requirements, company’s own charter requirements.

Set Alert Frequency

Three times alert notifications are generated as per customized duration prior to the due date and sent to the responsible users via email.

Escalation Alert

The system sends auto-generated escalation notices to the user as per hierarchy if the compliance is not closed by the responsible user in the due time.

Customized Notification

Auto-generated email notification is sent to the respective user as confirmation upon each action taken and the activities log is maintained.

Upload Any File

Compliance evidence file can be uploaded in any format including word, excel, PDF, image etc. There is no restriction w.r.t. size of file and type of file.

Export Data

Compliance management data (any size) along with the status can be exported easily with a click into an excel sheet, PDF file, and print.

Data Analysis

Compliance performance data are indicated in tables and interactive charts for easy interpretation to identify improvement opportunities.

Interactive Dashboard

A dashboard indicates valuable data & information on compliance in a table and chart of the current month.

Search & Filter Options

Compliance status along with evidence can be found out via search & various filter options for a specific duration.

User Friendly

Compliance Tracker Software is simple and user-friendly so that a new user can get familiar with the application in a few hours.

Mobile Access

The user can access compliance data, status & evidence with a smart phone application.

Unlimited Users

There is no restriction with respect number of users. You can add an unlimited number of users because license fees is not applicable per user.

User Access Control

Admin can control the users to access the data and information. The user can access compliance data which are mapped with the user.

Daily Auto Backup

The system takes backups of the data-base on a daily basis automatically. The backup data is shared via email to the admin automatically.

Info Security

Security options are added including captcha login, disabling the user with 3 wrong attempts, forcing the user to change the password periodically etc.

Individual Performance

Data of individual responsible performance can be monitored on a regular basis w.r.t. compliance action ontime or late or still pending.


Compliance reports for management information can be generated auto on the last day of the month and also manually for any specific duration.


A knowledge library can be created and made accessible to users for reference purposes. The user can download the file allowed to access.


The users can contact the admin person via ticket and raise any issue or request for change. The admin will get an instant email notification for the ticket generated.


Identify Obligation

When a new employee joins the organization, access to identified applicable rules & regulations along with status past compliance makes him very comfortable to start.

Never Miss Compliance

The responsible person gets 3 times alert notifications before the due date of compliance and the system also sends an escalation alert to avoid leading to missing compliance obligations.

Track Compliance Status

The user can monitor the status of compliance obligation with a click, e.g. pending & upcoming compliance, completed on-time or late, and compliance under review.

Individual Monitoring

You can monitor the individual user performance also for a specific duration as per the appraisal mechanism. It helps to identify the user to transfer if the user fails frequently to comply on-time.

Improve Record Keeping

Each compliance is marked closed if relevant evidence is uploaded by the performer. Record keeping is improved as evidence is maintained electronically.

Easy Retrievable

Evidence of any compliance can be retrieved easily via the search and filter option during the audit. You don’t need to take a print for future reference to comply.

Paperless Transaction

You can share the data via email. The entire process of reviewing & approving the compliance is digital, thus save the paper, the environment.

Access From Any Where

Compliance evidences are uploaded by performer on the system at the time of closing of compliance. Hence evidence documents are easily accessible from the system any location.

Build Confidence

Applicable compliances are identified and mapped with the user. The system helps to build confidence in people about compliance on time. It is one of the biggest benefits of a compliance tracker.

Protect From Penalties

It is a proven benefit that on-time compliance with applicable legal obligations helps the organization from penalties, imprisonment, and downgrade of corporate image.


Application Setup

The entire application configuration is carried out by our team in the scheduled timeline to make the application live.

Applicable Obligations

Our team extends support to identify applicable legal obligations pertaining to environment, health & safety laws.

Users Mapping

Each and every legal obligation is mapped with the responsible users along with the frequency of alerts notification.

Training to Users

Classroom training is provided to the users to make them familiar with the user-friendly compliance tracker software.

User Manual

A user manual is also provided to the clients describes about how to do at front end and back end (admin panel).

Video Tutorial

Video tutorials of front end and back end (admin) are provided in addition to the user manual for quick guide.

Demo Setup

A demo setup is also rolled out along with live application for the new users to get familiar with the application.

Trouble Shooting

Support is provided to make the application works well. You can initiate a request for support via the ticket option.

Law Library

A library is maintained and access is provided to the users to pickup the latest applicable EHS laws along with updates.

Post Live Support

The post-live support is always online and you can contact our team via a ticket option easily to make change in compliance tracker software.

Our expert team has been working continuously to capture EHS legal updates and sort out this useful information to make your compliance easy. You can download act & relevant rules along with all schedules & forms prescribed.