QHSE Compliance Application


Compliance Tracker is a cloud-based application. No expertise is required to make the application function. You can access it from anywhere through any device. Below are unfolded features & benefits of the application and support from our expert team to make the system works. Even you need to pay one time for a lifetime. No user-wise or site-wise fees.


Add Multiple Sites

You can create multiple sites (locations) in single data and you can monitor compliance performance site-wise. You can have either one admin for all sites or a separate admin for each site.

Add Unlimited Users

You can add unlimited users and assigned roles to each. You can activate and disable a user in future. Disable user will be restricted to access your data/ information when he resigns.

User Access Control

Each user will have access to data according to his role setup.  Data access control allows users to access limited information on their responsibilities of compliance.

Customized Notification

Each transaction is logged and the user will get notification of action for compliance, add/ modify function, authority, category, add/modify/ activate/ disable law, user, task and transfer of responsibility.

Escalation Alert

System generated alter notice will be sent to the responsible person prior to the due date of compliance. Another escalation alert/ final reminder will be sent according to the hierarchy.

Set Alert Frequency

There are three set of alert duration i.e. alert notice, escalation notice, final notice. You can fully customized frequency of alter duration. System generates email notice as per your customized duration.

Information Security

All data/ information will be saved on a cloud server with dedicated data-based protection with a password. Access to data-based is always with password only. The application has been secured.

Backup & Restore

An auto-backup will be generated by the system as per the pre-defined frequency and accessible to admin personnel. Admin can also take manual backup and save externally and restore as per requirement.

Interactive Dashboard

Each transaction is logged and the user will get notification of action for compliance, add/ modify function, authority, category, add/modify/ activate/ disable law, user, task and transfer of responsibility.

Any File, Any Size

You can upload any file as evidence of compliance including word, excel, power-point, PDF, image etc. Even there is no restriction on uploading file size from a few KB to MB.

User Friendly

Compliance Tracker has been developed with experienced expert developers in such manner that users find easy way to understand about how it works. User can watch video for better understanding.

Mobile Access

Users can access from any device like desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile from any corner of the world. Users can send messages to others through this application without login.


Identify Obligation

Team of AKSHAR Management Consultant helps for initial setup with identification of all applicable EHS obligations and mapping with responsible user along with the customized notification.

Never Miss Compliance

Each active compliance map used is tracked by the application. The performer is notified before the due date of compliance and an escalation notice is also sent if outstanding.

Track Compliance Status

Compliance Tracker lets you know how many compliances are due in specific duration along with outstanding, late complied, on-time complied and upcoming due compliance. 

Individual Monitoring

The performance of mapped users can be monitored by reporting authority. You can also find who is the best performer from the department, the best performer of the site based on on-time compliance.

Improve Record Keeping

Each compliance is marked closed in the system if relevant evidence is uploaded by the performer. Record keeping is improved as evidence are maintained electronically with unlimited storage.

Easy Retrievable

Compliance evidences are uploaded by performer on the system at the time of closing of compliance. Hence evidence documents are easily retrievable from the system any time.

Enhance Knowledge

Compliance Tracker starts notification to performer and reviewer to close the compliance. Responsible personnel get knowledge enhancement of applicability of legal obligation.

Protect From Penalties

Compliance Tracker starts providing notification before the due date of compliance so that actions can be initiated on time in order to avoid penalties due of late compliance or imprisonment.

Build Confidence

Applicable EHS compliance is identified and added to the system to keep track of the status of closer on-time. The system helps to build the confidence of people about compliance on time.

Paperless Transaction

Evidences are electronically maintained, easy retrievable at any time from any where. Paperless system helps to reduce paper consumption and thus protecting environment.


Application Setup

The application will be installed either on your domain or our domain space. The initial setup will be executed by our team to make the application work.

Identify Applicable Obligations

Our team will extend support to identify applicable laws and obligations under each pertaining to the environment, health & safety and enable them in the system.

Training to Users

Users according to their role to play will be provided classroom and practical training at your facility for effective implementation of compliance tracker.

Users Mapping

You can create unlimited users and these users will be mapped with defined roles and their access rights will be established.

Trouble Shooting

If the application is enabled on your domain, we will continue to provide support for one year for troubleshooting either onsite or offsite without any additional cost.

Video Tutorial

Unlimited access to video tutorials to all users will be provided for a better understanding of the application functions & features.

Our expert team has been working continuously to capture EHS legal updates and sort out this useful information to make your compliance easy. You can download act & relevant rules along with all schedules & forms prescribed.