E-PTW App – Generate Digital Permit

E-PTW App is a cloud-based software application. You can generate permit using any device and from anywhere in the world. And Issue safety permit in any language of your choice. Safety permit application helps you to keep all records of safety permit on server and perform data analysis. You can extract data and perform various kinds of data analysis using safety permit application. Customize your existing permit into digital permit via E-PTW app system including hazard, control measure, checklist, safety equipment etc. You can share your safety permit via email, text message and PDF file through WhatsApp as well.

Features of E-PTW App:

  • Customize permits
  • Share via email/ text message/ WhatsApp
  • Review digitally
  • Time-based alerts
  • Data analysis
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Clone permits
  • Export permit data into excel sheet
  • Search & filter options in data analysis
  • Generate permits in advance
Safety Permit Software
Safety Permit Software

Features of Safety Permit Software – customization of permit content, send/ share via email, text message or WhatsApp, review digitally, time-based alerts, data analysis, interactive dashboard etc.

Benefits of Safety Permit Software – the saving of time in permit issue, paperless transaction, easy retrieval, reduce permit errors, elimination of isolation permit violation, better job planning

You just fill up the form requesting a demo of the application. Our team will coordinate with you regarding a suitable date & time and share a link for an online demo of the application.

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Contact QHSEalert team for the development of a customized software solution. We are experts in cloud-based application development with industrial work experience.

E-PTW System – Permit data analysis!

Safety PTW Software – Generating permit got easier!

E-PTW Software


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